Michael P.
This place is da bomb,one of my favorite spots to go hiking at Iron mountain and fuel up after. Amir is the man! Epic food and best service around. Highly recommend coming here over and over
Sara G.
Our first time here and we ordered the banana crunch and the pina colada. I never thought of putting granola in a smoothie but wow was it good! Extremely friendly owner. Just a heads up that he'll give you directions to the card machine but one of the questions is about tip and he'll tell you to press no. I thought it was very noble of him to not expect one and to not make me feel obligated to give one. It was refreshing because normally we feel pressured to tip but there was no way we were going to leave without tipping. Just a notice so if you enjoyed your service pay attention to the card screen and input a tip. (:
Kris L.
I lthis place. Best smoothies ever. Also the service was excellent. I think the owner helped us and he was super nice. I'll be going here a LOT.
Nancy Z.
What a cute shop! I tried the Açaí Smoothie (after reading Yelp reviews on it) and I have to agree that it is, in fact, an amazing smoothie. Açaí flavored things tend to be on the tart side but this one didn't have a tart aftertaste at all :-) The interior of the shop is decorated with cool horse pictures and horse riding equipment and the floor is covered in rubber PEBBLES. So freaking cool. Anyway, awesome little shop to get your smoothie fix.
David M.
First time stopping here after our hike and I'm glad that I did. I ordered 2 smoothies one piña colada and one kiwi strawberry and it was the best smoothies I've ever had no lie. You could taste all the fruit used in both of the smoothies. If you're in the area and you are in the mood for a smoothie don't bother to look anywhere else this is the place to stop. The set up inside is nice and there's nothing better than supporting a local business. I will definitely be coming back here when I'm in the area. Can't wait to come back again.
Grace C.
Their smoothies are the best. I had the cantaloup one. It was fresh , sweet and cool on a hot day like today. I brought it home to enjoy and my dad hogged it all. Now I have to go back and buy two more, geez dad!
Melissa F.
Got an açaí smoothie here after hiking potato chip rock and it was tasted amazing. Love that it's made with fresh fruit and had good portion to price ratio, $6.75 for a medium.